Frequently asked questions (FAQ) are listed questions and answers.

1. Which countries accept SkyClear Notifications?.

Ans: The system will be implemented in phases in s everal countries throughout the Caribbean and as each country is added they will become available in the Arrival Country drop down list during the creation of a notification. The majority of OECS countries will be SkyClear compliant in the next couple of months. Other countries will follow soon after. Check regularly for site updates.

2 I have filled out the SkyClear form and submitted a Notification, do I still need to go through Customs and Immigration?.

Ans:The notification submission process facilitates the declaration process but the legal requirements cannot be replaced. Therefore you are still required to report to Customs and Immigration to present your identification documents on arrival but the time spent there will be reduced considerably.

3. Do I have to provide Advance Notifications? .

Ans:Advance notification is not necessary. However, it is expected that the benefits of the SkyClear service will serve as enough motivation to invite persons to use the service.

4. What happens if Customs has problems with the system when I arrive?.

Ans: In cases where the system is not available due to issues beyond the control of authorities, the manual method will serve as a backup.

5. Who has access to the data that I enter? .

Ans:Once you create a notification, the information will be available to the different national border agencies, although from time to time we may have to disclose personal information to other law enforcement agencies to respond to legal requirements.

6. How secure is SkyClear? .

Ans:Your information is secured through a 128 bit encryption channel, based on industry standards.

7. Can I retrieve my previous data? .

Ans:Registered users will be able to retrieve previous data to make amendments as necessary.

8. Can I pay AirPort Authority/Marina fees online? .

Ans:CCLEC is working with the stakeholders to make this possible. The features are in the development stages and will be made available as soon as the requirements for all parties are satisfied.

9. Where do I find support for the system? .

Ans:The SkyClear system was developed and is managed by the Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Council (CCLEC). Use the following email address to receive support:

Email: support@cclec.net

Tel: 1.758.453.2556 or 453.7705 or 452.3247